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2008 RSS[edit]

Meeting Minutes:2008-03-18397 Bridge StReally Important Meeting, Determined how to invite members.
Minutes:March 04, 2008About NYC ResistorMeeting some potential new members, and a big agenda from Bre
Minutes:February 13, 2008About NYC ResistorOrganizational meeting
Membership rollout planningDoma CafeBrainstormed the membership rollout and pulled together an agenda for next meeting.

2007 RSS[edit]

Minutes:October 10, 2007LEMURplexIntroductions & Show and Tell
Minutes:October 03, 2007LEMURplexIMPORTANT MEETING! MSG Planning, Membership Dues, Committee Creation (T-Shirts, Blogging, and Evangelism), Space hunting, and Reprap introduction!
Minutes:Sept 21, 2007LEMURplexTalk future projects (LED Projects, Brain Machine, and 3D Printing), and future meetings.