Minutes:March 04, 2008

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Minutes:March 04, 2008
Date March 04, 2008
Attendees Joshua Keay

David Keay John Santiago Eric Beug Adam Mayer Paul Riggs David Neff Bre Pettis Justin Day Pat Gallagher George Shammas Dave Clausen Raphael Abrams Diana Eng Eric Skiff Dave Zach Smith

Location NYCResistor
Summary Meeting some potential new members, and a big agenda from Bre
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New invitees[edit]

  • Joshua Keay
  • David Keay
  • John Santiago
  • Eric Beug
  • Adam Mayer
  • Paul Riggs (guest)
  • David Neff


  • We've got a great bunch of awesome classes listed
  • Start with beginner stuff. Raphael is setting up a google calendar, Eric will help getting it shared among the group
  • Please send in the times that you can teach to Raphael
  • Teachers will get paid - $12.50 per person per class hour
  • Zach is setting up Zen Cart
  • Zach is doing taxes
  • George and Raphael will bring beverages
  • We got Manhattan Special
  • We need to make a lockbox - how awesome to have a money sucker on the front
    • John Santiago will C&C one at fablab
  • Hotplates etc are coming, timer off switches needed!!!
  • blue water jugs?
  • Dave will be Drink Master
  • We need a roomba!
    • We have a 'push push' kinda broom?
    • It's a 'sweepasweepa' kinda broom.
  • Table needed - Zach will work on it
  • Staircase - Raphael will work on it
  • Whiteboard
  • Eric Beug has an old TV
  • CopInABox!!! Tomorrow.
  • Curtain - Diana is handling this
  • Speakeasy DSL - $80
  • Money! Money is going to be tight in may
  • Opening part in may or june
    • Fundraiser?
  • TShirts
    • Joshua can do designs
    • Josh & Dave will help us get $144 shirts
    • Bleachshirts?
  • Nick will do interviews, etc for the blog
  • Raphael will make a lamp
  • Review of new member process
  • Remote Friend of resistor thing- $13.37
  • Sponsors need recognition
  • Event based sponsor ship - sponsors get banners at parties
  • BarCamp- we can sell t-shirts, demo, kit?
  • Last Hope (end of july)- We need big collaborative project
  • Between XMas and New Years - Chaos Communications Conference
  • Curtains happening the weekend
  • Plants! Botanicalls?
  • Microcontroller group meeting - Next wednesday March 19th