Minutes:March 04, 2008

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Minutes:March 04, 2008
Date March 04, 2008
Attendees ,|x|x}}
Location NYCResistor
Summary Meeting some potential new members, and a big agenda from Bre
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New invitees[edit]

  • Joshua Keay
  • David Keay
  • John Santiago
  • Eric Beug
  • Adam Mayer
  • Paul Riggs (guest)
  • David Neff


  • We've got a great bunch of awesome classes listed
  • Start with beginner stuff. Raphael is setting up a google calendar, Eric will help getting it shared among the group
  • Please send in the times that you can teach to Raphael
  • Teachers will get paid - $12.50 per person per class hour
  • Zach is setting up Zen Cart
  • Zach is doing taxes
  • George and Raphael will bring beverages
  • We got Manhattan Special
  • We need to make a lockbox - how awesome to have a money sucker on the front
    • John Santiago will C&C one at fablab
  • Hotplates etc are coming, timer off switches needed!!!
  • blue water jugs?
  • Dave will be Drink Master
  • We need a roomba!
    • We have a 'push push' kinda broom?
    • It's a 'sweepasweepa' kinda broom.
  • Table needed - Zach will work on it
  • Staircase - Raphael will work on it
  • Whiteboard
  • Eric Beug has an old TV
  • CopInABox!!! Tomorrow.
  • Curtain - Diana is handling this
  • Speakeasy DSL - $80
  • Money! Money is going to be tight in may
  • Opening part in may or june
    • Fundraiser?
  • TShirts
    • Joshua can do designs
    • Josh & Dave will help us get $144 shirts
    • Bleachshirts?
  • Nick will do interviews, etc for the blog
  • Raphael will make a lamp
  • Review of new member process
  • Remote Friend of resistor thing- $13.37
  • Sponsors need recognition
  • Event based sponsor ship - sponsors get banners at parties
  • BarCamp- we can sell t-shirts, demo, kit?
  • Last Hope (end of july)- We need big collaborative project
  • Between XMas and New Years - Chaos Communications Conference
  • Curtains happening the weekend
  • Plants! Botanicalls?
  • Microcontroller group meeting - Next wednesday March 19th