Gameboy 101 Class Notes

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GB101 Class Notes
  1. Home
  2. Installing Gameboy Development Tools
  3. Introduction to the Gameboy Advance
  4. Hello Background
  5. Working with Palettes
  6. Tiles and Background Maps
  7. Sprites
  8. Scrolling Backgrounds
  9. Collision Detection
  10. Fixed point math
  11. Affine Sprites
  12. Sound
  13. Where do I go from here?


Here's where all the notes about all the trials and tribulations surrounding my Gameboy programming class will go. Use the navigation at the right to get to lessons.


For questions or comments, please email Justin Day at reverse('vt.plib@nitsuj'). Or if you are lazy you can click here.


All of the information (and some of the images) are cribbed from the following places:

Please show them love if you can.


You can get the samples file from one of the following links: