GB101:Where do I go from here?

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GB101 Class Notes
  1. Home
  2. Installing Gameboy Development Tools
  3. Introduction to the Gameboy Advance
  4. Hello Background
  5. Working with Palettes
  6. Tiles and Background Maps
  7. Sprites
  8. Scrolling Backgrounds
  9. Collision Detection
  10. Fixed point math
  11. Affine Sprites
  12. Sound
  13. Where do I go from here?


That's it for GB101. I'm not sure if there will be a GB102, but if you're still thristy for knowledge here's a list of things notable things that I didn't cover and where to find other fun stuff to do.

What's missing[edit]

Unless otherwise noted you can find good information about these in the TONC tutorials. You can find all the links at the top of Class Notes.

  • Affine Backgrounds
  • Windows
  • BIOS calls
  • Mode 7
  • ARM assembly
  • Sound channel 3 -- See The Audio Advance
  • Serial I/O -- See Gameboy


See the main Gameboy page for a current list of proposed, completed or ongoing projects. Roll up your sleeves and get involved!