GB101:Installing Gameboy Development Tools

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GB101 Class Notes
  1. Home
  2. Installing Gameboy Development Tools
  3. Introduction to the Gameboy Advance
  4. Hello Background
  5. Working with Palettes
  6. Tiles and Background Maps
  7. Sprites
  8. Scrolling Backgrounds
  9. Collision Detection
  10. Fixed point math
  11. Affine Sprites
  12. Sound
  13. Where do I go from here?


Download the binaries from sourceforge and follow instructions. Installer works fine in Leopard. Requires Xcode. Need to test make under windows.

Boycott Advance[edit]

For all systems you're going to want to install Boycott Advance. Download the appropriate version from

OS X[edit]

To get a "make test" to work, use OS X's "open" command. Your "make test" will look something like this:

test : $(PROJECT_DIR)/$(PROJECT).gba
	open $(PROJECT_DIR)/$(PROJECT).gba