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October 03, 2007[edit]

IMPORTANT MEETING! MSG Planning, Membership Dues, Committee Creation (T-Shirts, Blogging, and Evangelism), Space hunting, and Reprap introduction!


George Shammas, Eric Skiff, Diana Eng, Dave Clausen, Zach Smith, and Bre Pettis

Thoughts for the Microcontroler workshop / next meeting[edit]

  • Bring some soldering irons
  • Nick will give presentation about illumilight and resin
  • Eric doing quick presentation on wiki
  • Nick: Lets get in the role of doing 15 minute tutorial things
  • Raphael: Will do transistor talk on the 24th


  • $42, some still need to pay


  • can get a place near Lemur, looking at around $2,250
  • probably looking at next summer
  • MIT just gave a group a $100,000 fab lab in a box
    • Bre will look up which group this was
  • Bre did a presentation for Sanford's class at Cooper Union
    • Could use this presentation for fundraisers


  • wearable arduinos
  • Bre got and accelerometer
  • can just sew conductive thread into it
  • Nick wants to do heated Jacket
  • Eric's idea: Foley Jacket - put accelerometer in your sleeve, it could make lightsaber or kung-fu sounds, mated with a sound module.
  • Don't plug USB-> serial right into a lilypad to program it, you'll fry it!

upcoming meetings[edit]

  • next meeting is the MSG on the 10th
  • The 17th will be at nick's place, 33rd and 5th in brooklyn
  • The 31st - Halloween, no meeting but will do Phone + IRC, 6PM till 6:15. BE THERE.
  • Set up vivabot - if you say Viva! it says: La Resistor!



  • Use zazzle or goodstorm
    • Nick will do tshirts
  • Website
    • Nick will update soon


    • Blogging committee
      • Eric
      • Nick
        • Ibeams reblog
          • here's something that might inspire
          • Here's a project someone finished, we're inspired by them
          • Here's something dangerous we want to try, but shouldn't
  • Bre is making blog authors

Evangelism Committee[edit]

    • Evangelist committee
      • Eric
      • Bre
      • Looking for help
        • really focus on getting the word out there
        • Go talk to so and sp
        • When you write something that's interesting, esp if it's new news, send it off to lifehacker, others, etc. Here's something cool we did.

Pushing projects forward[edit]

  • If you have a really cool project, be willing to bring it to the group and ask for help, and let people know how they can get involved


    • Zack Smith is working on a Rapid Prototype machine
      • Needs help with mechanical stuff
      • Changing all electronics over to arduino based stuff
      • Commandline script for eagle, generates everything you need for the web
        • http://rrrf.org/dump/ (two zip files full of awesome generated stuff)
        • Gerber files to send to manufacturer to get them made
        • PDFs of various components
        • Schematic PDFs

Amazing parts list with ordering parts links[edit]

  • based off google doc
  • suppliers sheet
  • unique parts
  • Part name and quantity
  • PHP script up on sourceforge
  • We need to generalize this for a project, and then make it something that we can use for other projects