Minutes:Sept 21, 2007

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September 21, 2007[edit]

Talk future projects (LED Projects, Brain Machine, and 3D Printing), and future meetings.


George Shammas, Eric Skiff, Diana Eng, Dave Clausen, Zach Smith, and Bre Pettis


All added to the main list


  • Lots of interest in doing projects
  • want to work on 3D printer
  • Want to work on LED projects
  • Lets start with the mini-pov brain machine
  • There's a lot of energy in the group tonight - we want to do 2 "big" meetings a month, as well as 2 times a week
  • MAKE group in NYC - having an event next thursday. Doing led blinking workshop
    • Doing that early, then going up to the homemade music party afterwards
  • Start meetings with "what are you stuck on"
  • Next meeting, show the wiki training


  • Re: The Perpetual motion idea Eric wanted to debunk
    • Richard Feynmann has a great book called six simple pieces
  • The user Illusion
    • Maxwells demon has to be outside of your system, adding energy in

Start next meeting with...[edit]

  • What can you do, what do you want to learn?