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NYCR Bathroom Memorial Mosaic

Stuff people have going already[edit]

LED Matrix oscilloscope[edit]

  • Eagle tutorial
    • Eagle is not neccessarily the standard
      • DipTrace is a really good one
      • ExpressPCB - Tied in with a PCB manufacturer - easier to learn, push a button, and it'll tell you how much it costs, send it to the company, etc.
      • Altium is the standard for the industry, but it's tens of thousands
    • Eagle will generate Gerber Files - anyone should be able to print PCBs from them.

Really good beginner project[edit]

  • The Brain Machine
    • Great party trick
    • relaxing
    • basically mini-POV kit + safety goggles + capacitors + wire

LED Table projects[edit]

  • ReacTABLE - table which has LEDs or projector + camera so it reacts to what you do above it.

Completed Projects[edit]

Brooklyn Ballet - In 4D[edit]

Other projects from around the world[edit]

Octogon Death Star Building

  • We've completed work on a 3x3x3 LED Cube.

Pete Edwards' projects[edit]

  • Hoping for collaborators, lots of experience with electronics and custom musical instruments
    • SK1-casio keyboard with patch bay, tons of complete projects
    • Mechanical sequencer
      • has really interesting results because it's somewhere between analog and digital results, all each channel is on off singlas
      • You have to actually hand tool each wheel, and they rotate an hit buttons

New ideas[edit]

  • Instead of mechanical switches, light up buttons
    • completely open platform, you can interface it with anything
    • 4-8 tracks with 16 steps each
    • Similar to all basic drum machines, but instead of activating a sample, you can activate anything from lights to analog instruments, to a baby laughing toy. You can have it trigger midi signals to your computer, but at a certain point, if you're interfacing it to a computer, it doesn't make sense...
    • lacking things like recalling different sequences - would be awesome to have presets.
    • Mechanical systems fail - want to keep it simple