Minutes:February 13, 2008

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Minutes:February 13, 2008
Date February 13, 2008
Attendees Eric Skiff

Bre Pettis George Shammas Zach Smith Nick Bilton Pat Gallagher Raphael Abrams Diana Eng

Location NYCResistor
Summary Organizational meeting
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  • Insurance Report
    • Voted yes on $2250 insurance policy for 3-6 mil (no operators insurance, recommended by insurance agent)
  • Key report. Everyone paid $20 for their keys
  • Membership timeline
    • Next week, if core members have friends they want to invite, we go into private beta
    • Those people have to have some sort of kung fu (not necc tech/hardware), willing to share, can't be creepy to girls
    • Once those people are in, we chill out for 1-2 months or so, then open it up to letting them invite people in
    • At that point, core members slide back into being normal members
      • invite discussion going out via email
    • Have to live in NYC
    • Members in absentia
      • Jens is like this, he's really excited for us
      • If people want to support us and give advice, that's cool
      • Category for patron members?
        • Case by case basis
    • Bring friends you want to invite next week!
  • Furniture move in report
    • Zack has a van full, moving in saturday at noon
    • Party after?
  • Treasurer report
    • We have 2,300, more coming from clipmarks this month
  • Wiki Report - The wiki is awesome. New form for meeting minutes is great, logo at top left
  • Curtain report
    • Diana has bolts of fabric, but it has to get here, and she has to sneak it out
    • Need to think about the curtain track. Lets just start with the one curtain dividing the big space into 2 at the elbow.
    • Raphael is bringing a whiteboard
    • Eric brought some junky black fabric, helps with noise
  • IRC report
    • quick demo. we're #NYCResistor on irc.freenode.net
  • Jabber
    • you can get an account on chat.nycresistor.com
    • IM george to get set up
  • Education
    • Raphael put up a big list of classes on the wiki
    • Raphael will organize classes to fill in gaps and work out redundancies, and scheduling, etc
    • Please don't edit Raphael's section or anyone else's section
      • Just write proposals like he did, in your own section
    • General behavior rules around classes
      • the other person that's allowed to interact with the class is the teacher, it can break flow, so PLEASE don't chime in
      • If you're the teacher, don't be late. Be there an hour ahead.
    • Price per class per student-hour set at $25
      • Split is 50/50 teacher space
      • Lab fee should be added on on top of that
      • Standard cut for a teacher is $20 an hour, our cut is GREAT compared to that!
  • Space layout
    • Raphael showed his sketchup space layout, we all generally liked it, but had to rework the loft a bit, by lowering the righthand side to fit a human on the top.
  • Internets
    • Bring in quotes, we'll vote. Do we need static IPs?
  • Upstairs neighbors?
    • Possibly 9th floor neighbors! :) Fun!