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[ edit ]


The dainty walker in Cobosoda

This is the cobosoda wiki. Here's where we'll keep most of the design, tasks, and documentation.

You can find the latest on cobosoda on the sourceforge page, and a brief introduction to the concept on the home page.


We're currently redesigning cobosoda to make it more extensible. Part of this redesign is to decouple classes so that they can be extended.

Open Design Issues[edit]

Limb == Spring[edit]

A limb is a spring in this simulation. It overcomplicates to try to add all the physical properties of mass, force, etcetera to the limb class. KISS is to be applied here. The point is the evolution and the art, not the physics. To define a rigid limb, set the spring constant high. Special cases like strings can be defined as a spring whose spring constant is zero except when its length is greater than or equal to the length of the string. An ideal implementation could move render() into these classes so a string could be drawn as an arc.

External Links[edit]

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