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Again, I am just laying down the basics so that people can see what needs to be edited. I think this to-do list should be the main page.....

So what needs to be done? This is not in any specific order. Please add a [!] in front of important things. This list should eventually have sections with an ordered list of pressing matters and an unordered list of proposed tasks.

  • Think of a name. [DONE] (I listed this so people can still suggest names they think are good. The name article should contain a description of how we came up with NYC resistor and some info on the several meanings behind it.
  • Start having meetings. (This should link to another page with info on meetings and links to the minutes of past meetings.)
  • Projects
  • Recruit motivated members to join the cause
  • Find a Location [DONE] to officially call home. This relates deeply with Location Scouting
  • Furnish and equip above location. Tables, couches, projector, partitions, shelves, various machinery.



  • We should TOTALLY make a parody of the CIA video that can be found at That video would make a perfect intro, just changing people or citizens to hackers. That would be greatness.
  • Keep a list of Stuff needed in the space.