Parts and Equipment Wishlist

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Heavy Tools[edit]

Laser Cutter[edit]

This requires its own page. Laser Cutter.

Temperature controlled oven[edit]

  • For large surface mount soldering projects...

Light Tools[edit]

Power Drill[edit]

We've got at least two corded and one cordless floating around the space.

Miter saw[edit]

  • cut accurate angles in wood and soft metal/plastic

Vacuum Cleaner[edit]

  • needed so very soon

Test Equipment[edit]

Storage scope[edit]

Hot air rework station[edit]

  • Makes it easy to undo solder, and also can do soldering on small parts

Stereo microscope[edit]

We have one. It lives in one of the cubby holes.

Spare Parts / Junk[edit]


  • good source of stepper motors, slide rails and print heads

Assorted / grab bag components[edit]

  • LEDs, 8-segment (and more) displays,
  • capacitors, resistors (of course!), wire, various ICs (and associated datasheets), parts catalogs, etc.

Miscellaneous other[edit]

  • Mice (optical and otherwise), old disk drives
  • pagers, cell phones, random displays
  • other computers stuff


  • Two or more small projectors (Jan 2016)
  • 7+ reliable laptops running some Linux distribution (Jan 2016)