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What do we want to spend?[edit]

7 people raised their hands to put in $1000, 2 for $500. That's $8k right there.

How do we feel about leasing?[edit]

Leasing one would run about $250 a month. Generally its a 5-year lease. There are various leases, and we could get a 12 month lease as well.

How do we feel about leasing-to-own?[edit]

This is one of the most attractive options. We put money down, we pay monthly for the laser, and at the end, we have an option to purchase.

Not only that, but lease payments are *TAX DEDUCTIBLE!*. We could totally write off our laser cutter. That would be sick.

Leasing Providers[edit]

Recouping costs[edit]

  • Etching devices for a fixed fee
  • Cutting materials for a fixed fee
  • Renting cutting time




Epilog is coming out with a low-cost ($8K) machine called the Zing:

  • 25W laser
  • 16"x12"x4" max. material size

This feels a little small to me. It's also not available until Q2, although they're taking preorder.