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With the move to 87 3rd Avenue in progress COMPLETED, this page will collect information about the neighborhood, including cool places to get tools, food, and drink.


  • Pacific Standard, official after-meeting bar of NYC Resistor and Makerbot. Just walk over to 4th Avenue then down one block. Really hard team trivia on Sunday nights. Drinking club card.
  • Black Sheep Pub - ????
  • 4th Avenue Pub - ????
  • Cherry Tree - ????
  • Hank's Saloon - Super divey, in the best way possible


  • Not Ray's Pizza - Adam says they've got the best pizza in the neighborhood
  • City Subs - large sandwiches with lots of good toppings, on Bergen near 5th Avenue
  • Bark - gourmet hot dog place on Bergen near 6th Avenue
  • halal street cart at 4th Avenue and Atlantic, pretty good falafel and rice plate
  • Bedouin Tent - Middle Eastern plates and pitzas, on Atlantic Avenue
  • Tomato-N-Basil (real pizza) - down at Union St and 4th Avenue, great Grandma pie
  • Ghenet Brooklyn (Ethiopian) - Douglas & 4th Avenue, nice vegetarian combo plate, better to eat-in to get real tef experience
  • Sheep Station (Australian) - ????
  • Papa Johns (pizza-like food product)
  • Canteen, Dean & 4th Avenue, reliable and clean deli with some good soups


  • Bus: B37 bus line goes right by the door, connects Fulton Mall to Fort Hamilton by way of 3rd Avenue. Bus Schedule
  • Subway: Atlantic-Pacific Station, the D-M-N-R track part of the station is on 4th Avenue at Pacific Street, the rest is connected to that part by underground walkway and has access to the B, Q, 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains. If you need the F or G trains, you can walk to the Bergen Street station in about 10 minutes.
  • Long Island Railroad: their downtown Brooklyn terminus is in Atlantic Terminal, at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic.
  • Car Services: Eastern - (866) 499-7177


During night and weekends, there's plenty of street parking near the new building.


  • BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) has a four screen theater playing mostly art house, independent, and foreign films. Calendar
  • Cobble Hill Theater at Butler & Court Street, a 15 minute walk

Tools and Hardware[edit]

  • Lowe's, superstore down at 9th Street and 3rd Avenue
  • R&A Hardware @ 5th Avenue and Sterling: Hans says "It's not just a place to get stuff, but they totally help you solve your problem. No matter how crazy the idea, just tell them, and they'll figure out all the parts you need and find them for you. I am sure they cost more than Lowe's and Home Depot, but they will save you sooo much time, its totally worth it."
  • Target, at Atlantic Center. It's got a small hardware section. This is also one of the worst Target stores in existence as shown in this video.