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Electronic Parts[edit]


  • Online Datasheet PDFs!
  • General electronics, ICs, and Microcontrollers


  • Turnkey Solutions
  • PCB Fabrication Services

4 PCB Assembly[edit]

  • PCB Design
  • PCB Fabrication Services
  • PCB Material Management

Fusion PCB Assembly[edit]

  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • OPL


  • General electronics, ICs, and Microcontrollers
  • Better Part-Finding Interface than Jameco/Digi-Key, although the stock depth is somewhat smaller.


  • Electrical wiring supplies


  • High-end component "modules" (eg: ready to connect XBee, Bluetooth, GPS, LCD modules)
  • Custom adapter boards (for fitting odd-sized lcd cables, etc.)


  • "Starter" parts assortment sets
  • General electronics, ICs, and Microcontrollers


  • Similar to Digi-Key, Mouser

Asian Circuits[edit]


  • Enormous catalog


  • Random liquidation of useful components and odd electronics
  • General electronics, ICs, and Microcontrollers

PCB Manufactuing Inc[edit]

All Electronics Corp[edit]

  • Surplus electronic and scientific stuff
  • Pretty cheap.

Gateway Electronics[edit]

  • Electronic components and kits

All Spectrum Electronics=[edit]

Bittele Electronics=[edit]

Trossen Robotics[edit]

  • Robot and RFID parts


  • Microcontrollers of all shapes and sizes
  • Will send free samples of most products.


  • Anything Basic Stamp related
  • SX Microcontroller related
  • Nice prebuilt sensor "modules"


  • Robot controllers (Atmel based)
  • Motor and Servo controllers
  • Robot-related sensors
  • Cogs, Wheels, Small DC Motors


  • VERY cheap miscellany, esp. LEDs
  • oddball computer parts (e.g. CF to 1.8" HD adapters for 4th gen iPod SSD conversion)
  • cheap tools (multimeters, soldering irons...not extensive)
  • Free shipping/no minimum order, but expect it to take three+ weeks to arrive

HSC Electronic Supply[edit]

  • Lots of closeout electronics
  • Good for components and robot parts
  • Cool storefront in Sunnyvale, CA if you get to Silicon Valley

Goldmine Electronics[edit]

  • surplus

YourDuino Shop[edit]

  • Low Cost Arduino compatible boards
  • Sensors, Output Devices, Robotics, Electronics Components

M O T H E R L O A D of LINKS to Sources & Suppliers[edit]

Apex Electronics[edit]

  • surplus


  • Kind of like SparkFun[edit]

  • wire


  • Wire Harness
  • Cable Assemblies


  • General electronics, ICs, and Microcontrollers


FS Technology[edit][edit]

  • easy to deal with, reasonable prices, made in America, good software

Seeed Studio Fusion[edit]

  • Start from $4.9. The boards are very nice quality.


  • run by SparkFun

Gold Phoenix[edit]

  • China
  • Used by BatchPCB

Fast Circuits Inc[edit]

Sierra ProtoExpress[edit]

  • SF Bay area

Techno Tronix[edit]

  • Run By PCB Assembly

C-alley PCB[edit]

  • Focus on PCB prototyping and assembly

PCB & PCBA[edit]

  • your most reliable PCB and PCBA supplier


Materials / Supplies[edit]

Scientific Equipment of Houston[edit]

  • Glassware, calipers, some surplus and bulk
  • Many of their best deals are on EBay


American Science and Surplus[edit]

  • Decent glassware, not as cheap as Houston
  • Random electronics and old stuff

Disco ball mirrors[edit]

1/2" mirror tile sheet @ KitKraft; 2.6¢/mirror


  • Huge inventory of mechanical parts and tools


  • Gears, bearings, etc.

NOD Electronics[edit]


AdaFruit Industries[edit]

  • Lots of solder-it-together kits, many featuring AVR chips
  • USBTinyISP programmer great for reprogramming AVR boards
  • Webforum to support kitmakers at

Maker Shed[edit]

  • Storefront for Make and Craft magazines, subscribers can get 10% off orders
  • They resell lots of kits, including some by NYCResistor people
  • Good source of books and introductory project ideas

Fundamental Logic[edit]

  • Canadian supplier of Arduino-based kits
  • Nice 7-segment kit that connects to PC via USB

NOTE: Fundamental Logic has cease accepting orders as of May 2010.