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This is a rough list of local (New York Area) Resources and Parts Suppliers

Please add and elaborate.

Also see Mail Order Resources / Parts

Parts, Electronic[edit]

  • Micro Center computers & electronics
    • 850 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
    • +13475639880
    • brooklyn location : website
      • computer parts, 3d printing, and electronics

  • Allstate Electronics
    • 170 - 30 Jamaica Ave. , Jamaica Queens
    • Tel - 1 ( 718 ) 291 - 3388 / 3389 / 3769
  • Tinkersphere
    • Currently online only after COVID
    • [1]
  • Leeds Electronics
    • 175 Walnut Avenue, Bronx NY 10454e
    • Map
    • http://leedsradio.com/
      • Odd Lot and "vintage" parts.
      • Photo (found on flickr): [2]
      • If you need a NOS or used tube, it's here, from audio tubes to cathode ray tubes
      • From time to time there will be a few Nixie tubes as well for great prices
      • Also a lot of heavy-duty connectors, enclosures and switches, great for effects pedals
    • Went there on May 15 2014 during business hours, but the door was locked. Store may not be always open -- call before going there.

  • Electric Trading Co.
    • 1A Mercer Street, New York (Manhattan - Soho/Chinatown)
    • (212)226-0575
    • http://www.blowerwheel.com
      • Gear Motors, small motors, Motor Brushes, Capacitors, exhaust fans
      • Electronics Cooling Fans, Switches, Knobs, Vacuum Tubes
      • Tons of odds and ends, great place to find hidden gems and equipment to re-purpose
      • Open M-F 9-4:45
  • 269 Electronics (semi-open!)
    • 269 Canal St., New York (Manhattan - Chinatown)
    • Google says it is closed but it has been re-opened!
    • Usually the shopkeep is there from 11am on, no idea what hours

  • Trojan Electronics

  • Wayne Electronics
    • http://www.wayneelectronicsparts.com/
    • 637 State Rt 23
    • Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
    • 973-839-5888
      • Pretty good selection of parts, mostly tools and hardware, with a few rare finds
      • NTE Distributor, but not the largest selection of those

  • Lashen Electronics, Inc.

  • Electronic Barn
    • 48 Farrand St, Bloomfield, NJ (973) 429-9304
    • Google Map: [3]
    • Located underneath the NTE warehouse
      • 2 rooms full with many bins full of electronic and mechanical surplus junk
      • Electronic components, giant capacitors, etc.
      • Similar to the surplus back room of Edmund Scientific
      • I haven't been there in 10 years. Hope they're still around!

1/11/2008 Update - I just called the number for Electronics Barn above, and it seems to have been taken over by another company. The person on the phone told me that I should go to NTEINC.com [4], and get part numbers, then I could order and pick up parts between 9-3.

I then went to nteinc.com, looked at the NJ distributors. Interestingly, one was listed in Bloomfield, and has a web site, here: [5]. The address appears to be the same. So Electronics Barn appears to now be a distributor called Solid State, Inc.

Local HAM Fests and computer shows flea markets[edit]

Good sources for cheap lasers, solar panels, computers, and electronic parts.

  • MIT Flea third Sunday of each month, April through October

Fabrication and Materials[edit]

  • Canal Plastic Center
    • 345 Canal Street New York, NY 10013
    • http://canalplastic.com/
      • Arcrylic Sheets, tubes, domes, boxes, etc.
      • Vinyl
      • Laser-Cutting and Engraving

  • Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument
    • 55 South Denton Ave New Hyde Park, NY 11040 (Long Island)
    • http://www.sdp-si.com
    • 516-328-3300
      • Gears, bearings, shafts, pulleys, sprockets, chains, belts
      • Free catalog with technical information

Sewing and Crafts[edit]

  • Steinlauf & Stoller
    • Sewing notions.
    • They sell double sided interfacing that can be lasercut and used to make iron

-on applique.

  • New York Elegant Fabrics