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Welcome to the ad-hoc Lending Library - for equipment, books, and other stuff!

Purpose: To offer community folks the ability to share their tools, books, and equipment as needed. Got a tool, share it - need a tool? Ask!

Customs: This is an evolving, ad-hoc list. It should be customary that blades and consumables be replaced by the borrower if appropriate, but this is to be dictated by the lender. It is probably not out of the question to ask for a nominal fee if the item is very expensive and by charging small amounts the cost is mitigated for the owner - especially on items that require substantial upkeep costs.

Format - Create a subsection for each person lending gear, and then list the gear on a page. Loosely organized - depend on the Wiki engine to provide the search - don't lose sleep or break a sweat listing your assets. Simple is good, with a contact method.

Anything else you think of? Edit this page or contact wwward@pobox.com

I am refactoring this section to include semantic markup for better searching. - wwward

Listed by person:

User:Wwward/lending - William's tools for lending

User:gpvillamil/lending - Gian Pablo's tools for lending

Automatic List of Things:

Gpvillamil/lendingUser:gpvillamil/red metal box of drill bits
User:gpvillamil/AVR ISP mkII USB Programmer
Wwward/lendingUser:Wwward/Dremel Multipro 395
User:Wwward/Velleman Portable Oscilloscope
User:Wwward/AVR ISP mkII USB Programmer