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William's Tools for Lending


  1. Dremel Multipro 395 and assorted bits (bring your own bits or replace heavily worn bits, though.) and associated drill press rig w/vise.


Test and Chip Programmers

  1. User:Wwward/Velleman Portable Oscilloscope single-channel handheld digital Oscilloscope with probe (I forget the maximum frequency.
  2. User:Wwward/AVR ISP mkII USB Programmer, works with Mac, burns firmware on Atmega 8's amongst other things (good for burning Arduino firmware on virgin chips.)
  3. Olimex programming board w/PonyProg-like serial programmer (also good for burning Atmegas)
  4. Microchip PICkit 2 USB programmer for PIC chips.

Other Equipment (not typically associated with hardware hacking):

  1. Professional studio flashes: 2 Alienbees strobes with umbrellas and various grids, stands
  2. Sekonic flash meter
  3. White and black backgrounds with stands, 10 feet (I think)
  4. cable release compatible with Canon 10D and whatever else uses that four pin contraption
  5. USB floppy disk drive (please don't waste money on one just to read a handful of disks)

Interesting movies I own (I don't have too many) that I could lend out legally:

  1. The Prisoner, all episodes
  2. BBS Documentary
  3. Ghostbusters 1 (a classic for new yorkers)
  4. Dr. Strangelove (a classic for sane people)
  5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (a classic for people who play Tekken.)
  6. Terry Gilliam's Brazil (a classic for anyone who hates bureaucracy.)
  7. Family Guy, Blue Harvest
  8. The Andromeda Strain (the original, not this bastardized stuff the studios are peddling today)

Please feel free to contact me via the NYC Resistor group. You can also track me down through my websites listed on my personal Wiki page here.