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Upcoming Satellite Passes[edit]

Online database of recent satellite activity


AO-51 passes AO-51 Control Team News (latest and most authoritative frequency settings)

SO-50 passes SO-50 Status Page

ISS passes Official ARISS status page ISS FanClub status

AO-27 passes AO-27 Status Page

HO-68 passes CAMSAT homepage


AO-7 passes AO-7 Status Page

FO-29 aka JAS-2 passes FO-29 Status Page

VO-52 Hamsat passes VO-52 Status Page

Quick Info[edit]

NYCR Hams[edit]

  • Bernsen (Bill Bernsen, KD2LSU, General)
  • Dclausen (Dave Clausen, W2VV, Amateur Extra)
  • DianaEng (Diana Eng, KC2UHB, General)
  • Gdickinson (Guy Dickinson, KD7TJJ, General)
  • Georgyo (George Shammas, KD2ADS, Technician)
  • Hudson (NY3U, Amateur Extra)
  • Matt (Matt Joyce, KC2RVS, General)
  • Mirialeigh (Miria Grunick, KA3USO, General)
  • Palager (KC2TLC, Technician)
  • Unwiredben (Ben Combee, K5BLC, General)
  • Wwward (Billie Grace Ward, KD4ISF, Amateur Extra)
  • Bre Pettis KE7GRE Technician
  • Nick Bilton KC2UGZ Technician
  • Chris Fenton KC2UFB Technician

Topical Areas[edit]


Kenwood TH-D7 Tips and Tricks: Tips and tricks for the Kenwood TH-D7 handheld transceiver (HT) including satellite duplex operation and memory editing software.

Special Interests[edit]

  • Ham Satellites: Communicating with fast moving orbital radios
  • Repeater: Repeaters provide radio coverage over vast distances
  • APRS: APRS is the Automatic Packet Reporting System - it can transmit location tracking for people or things, or weather data, or other sensor data that you might enjoy.

NYCR Ham To-Do[edit]

  • VE exam accreditation
  • Build repeater?

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Ham Radio Suppliers[edit]

Ham Radio/Supplier