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The Games as Art showing will be a space event on July 26th, 2008. It will feature as many exhibits of strange game-related goodness as we can pack in.

Anyone interested in helping add your name and how you want to help. I will get back to this and focus on it May 6th. I've taken the liberty of adding people who have already expressed interest.

  • Alicia - will donate her curatorial skillz.
  • Max - wants to write wall text. She really really wants to. Unfortunately, She will be massively swamped the two weeks before, and committed to going to Roller Derby on the 26th.
  • Bre - stuff.
  • Matt - anything at all, will be working on my vis project listed below.
  • Skiff - Gameboy music

Adam asks: is this specifically video-game oriented? Is the nihilist foozball table appropriate?


  • Cobosoda - 2D physics life thingy, now with Csound sound effects and enhanced visuals.
  • Gameboy Demo - A team effort creating a demo-scene-esque demo for the Gameboy Advance. We need artists, coders and musicians!
  • Frotzophone - music plus fiction by Adam Parrish
  • AMDVIS - A gba visualization of CCC Sputnik data by Matt Joyce