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Telehax refers to an private or semi-private network of teletype machines connected over the internet. Anything typed on one machine should appear on all the others.


Live Servers[edit]



There's a perl implementation of a server. It requires Net::Server and IO::Multiplex. You can get it from To run the server:

foo$ ./telehax-server --background

To a perldoc on Net::Server to see what you can do with telehax.conf.

There is currently no security mechanism for the telehax server. We can implement IP based security pretty easily, and I can add a password scheme later on. For now it's wide open, so feel free to telnet to any live server and paste in some ASCII pr0n.


There's a Processing implementation of a telehax client in svn. Find it at To use it, edit the first few lines to configure the server.

public static final boolean USE_MODEM = true;
public static final boolean USE_SERIAL = true;
public static final int SERIAL_PORT_NUMBER = 2;
public static final int SERIAL_BAUD_RATE = 300;
public static final boolean SERVER_MODE = false;
public static final int SERVER_PORT = 8353;
public static final String SERVER_NAME = "";

The only setting you'll probably need to change is SERIAL_PORT_NUMBER. Run the sketch once and note the listing of available serial ports. Change SERIAL_PORT_NUMBER to the number on the left in brackets.