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Rolan on the Microcontroller list knows someone who's giving away good stuff.

We need to coordinate who wants what. If you'd like something, list your name here and what you want.

  • Matt Joyce
    • A Chair
  • Phillip Lamb
    • A Chair, ergonomic keyboard if there is one, any plants? -- Sony Monitor
  • David Sanderson

1 Cisco 2500 Router (If available) 1 Lucent Access Point (if available) 1 Cisco Aironet 1100 (if available) 1 HP B & W Printer (if available) -Thanks

  • Joseph Teichman
  1. I could use a Cisco 2500 Router, if there is one still available.
  2. A Cisco Aironet 1100 Access Point, or if that isn't available, then a Lucent Access Point (if one is still available)
  • Adam
    • I think we could certainly find use for another 19-in equipment rack, contingent on having a way to move it from point A to point B.
  • Christian Decker
    • In Focus Projector (if available)
    • I /may/ be able to offer my companies van to move the equipment rack, but it would probably have to be during work hours. Let me know if you need me to find out if I can misappropriate it. I could also use a small table for my office if there's any furniture to be had.


  • Dell Poweredge 1300 Server
  • Any managed Switch


  1. Lucent Access Points 3 (I'll take one.)
  2. Lucent Cajun P120 Hub/Switch 2 (I'm not sure what it is, but one for me.)
  3. Linksys 24 Port Hub 2 (I'll take one.)
  4. DecServer 700’s 2 (And one of these.)
The guy sent me a inventory list. The projectors are gone. I don't know if the chairs and tables are listed.
Item Quantity
Dell Monitor 10
Cisco 2500 Routers 4
Lucent Access Points 3
Lucent Cajun P120 Hub/Switch 2
Dell Optiplex GX1 4
Sony Monitor 1
Dell Optiplex GX 110 6
Dell Power Edge SC1425 2
Dell Power Edge 1650 2
Linksys 24 Port Hub 2
Cisco Aironet 1100 Access Point 2
Dell Poweredge 1300 Server 1
2006 Technical Demonstration Toolkit (Microsoft) 2
2006 MSDN Subscriptions 2
Cabletron Switches 2
Bay Network Switches/Routers 3
Dell Optiplex GXL 5166 2
DecServer 700’s 2
HP Token Ring Lan Probe II 2
AT & T Paradyne Modems 2
Larscom Split-T FT1 Access Multiplexer 1
Edimax CPV Switch 4
EMC2 DS-16B2 1
Netgear HVB 1
J Com Switch 1
Lightware Projector 1
Covad 1
HP B & W Printer 3
In Focus Projector 1
Brother Fax Machine
Cisco Catalyst 6000
MS Visual Studio 2005
Outlook 2003
MS Small Business Server
Sharepoint / Vista Development Kit
Excel 2003`
Sharepoint 2007
Build Software
Assorted Art