Space Utilization

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Space Distribution?[edit]

  • Do we need more square footage or a slower rate of adding members?
  • Is space only an issue for public events?

Outstanding Issues[edit]

  • Reorganizing the big loft / adding shelves / how much weight can it hold?
  • Fixing the lighting situation in and below the big loft
  • Seeing if there's anything we can do regarding tool town noise abatement
  • Organizing cleaning parties or organizing sessions
  • How often should we commit to cleaning the bathroom, general flooring, and kitchen areas?

Issues in Progress[edit]

Shelving options to utilize the wasted space above lockers
Astrida and Raph are in the process of procuring shelving
Making the small loft safer / adding shelves so it can support more storage
Xymax in drawing up plans to install an attic staircase in the laser room. We could also wall off the loft to keep heat from getting trapped up there.
Back room is a dumping ground
Xymax will draw up plans for the back room. You're welcome to help.
The curtains suck
Astrida is making new ones
The fire exit window is broken
Raph has asked the super to fix it multiple times. We need to fix it ourselves.
Figuring out how to handle / recycle / enforce the 28-days-later bin (or whatever we're calling it)
The first batch has been thrown out. Who's owning the bin?
Figuring out how to organize the stage and keep it from becoming a junk pile
The stage has been demolished.


  • Front room is well heated, cooled, and furnished. Back room is underutilized during craft night. If it should become more of a social area, it should have heat, an AC, and speakers connected to those in the main room. Mood lighting would probably help. But only if we want people to be using it.
  • Take a hard look at everything we're considering putting on above-locker storage. Chuck it if no one wants it. Re-evaluate whether we need more storage?
  • Encourage visitors on craft night to pitch in on cleanup before they leave
  • moar mop-able floor in bathroom plz! (tile or laminate?)

Suggestion Followups[edit]

Reinforce the loft above the laser room and make it a more usable space with a fixed ladder, possible pulley system to lift/lower things. Secret library lounge, anyone? (with storage space of course)
See above issue in progress
post-its w/ entry date for 28 days later bin - OR - see stickers from RevSpace to catalog any loose items in space
28 days later bin started, someone needs to own it.
Repair Matt's dance light (or remove it,) and remove that old incandescent lamp over the stage.
The disco light works (for short periods of time). The old incandescent lamp should be replaced with something sexier.