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This is an introduction to the NYC Resistor ShopBot. It's meant to include quick links to useful information, instructions on what goes where and how, and general procedures for the use of our shopbot. This isn't a training manual.

Quick Links[edit]

Toolspace and Startup Procedures[edit]

The Shopbot Computer
The Shopbot Wrenches
The Shopbot milling bits

The Shopbot is the gigantic CNC machine in the center of ToolTown. You can't miss it!

But there are associated tools and parts that might not be obvious:

  • There is a command and control table specifically designated for the ShopBot computer to the right of the machine. On it, you'll find the laptop for the ShopBot as well as the wrenches for installing and deinstalling the mills and bits. Mills and other parts can also be found there.
  • Please don't put anything else on this table. For other ToolTown projects, use other parts of ToolTown.
  • The software for running the Shopbot is called Vcarve. It's not very good software.
  • Once you've opened Vcarve and loaded your files and set the toolpaths, make sure the bed of the shopbot is clean and the spoilboard is unspoiled enough for use.

Online Documentation[edit]

Control Software and OpenSBP®Language