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LOL WUT[edit]

Deep dive on network is here

What is ResistorNET[edit]

It's the space's internet infrastructure. That's it. Don't fuck with it. You'll never hear the end of it.

The 4 (Old) Commandments[edit]

The 4 (Old) Commandments of ResistorNET

  • The Resistor network must be a reliable network ( The packets must flow )
  • Emergency response documentation should be clear, simple, and posted in a visible / relevant location (Probably not going to happen ever)
  • The Resistor network must be Free, Open, and well documented (Nope)
  • All nodes on Resistor's network must be excellent to each other

Current Diagram[edit]


Detailed Explanation[edit]

Wireless Networks[edit]

  • NYCR5 - ResistorNET 5 Ghz AP
  • NYCR24 - ResistorNET 2.4 Ghz AP

Disaster Recovery Plan[edit]