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Projectors from ABC No Rio.

Projector #1[edit]

Current Status: Works, but has some color ghosts, no sound

Speakers can be raided from dead projectors to fix the ones on #1 if you're feeling ambitious.

Color ghosting may be fixable in firmware! Try:

Projector #2[edit]

Current status: Works

Projector #3[edit]

Current Status: Works

Projector #4[edit]

Current Status: Unlikely To Work

DOA, not opened.

Tried with a good bulb, still no life.

Projector #5[edit]

Current Status: Dismantled for parts

Managed to emit a flash and a bang that was probably a capacitor exploding. Mimi removed the optics.

Projector #6[edit]

Current Status: Operates, Severe Problems

This projector has several problems:

  • Color alignment is off.
  • There is some digital noise in the image. In particular you can see this when you bring up the menu in the green channel; there are "dots" appearing vertically below.
  • There is some wavering in the image possibly due to vibration in the machine.

This one is a pretty good candidate for parts.

Projector #7[edit]

Current Status: Somewhat Operating With Severely Awesome Glitches

Runs with a bulb, but has variegated color stripes offset in interesting ways. Look!

Projector 7 glitch.jpg

Projector #8[edit]

Current Status: Dismantled for parts

DOA, not opened

Tried several bulbs. At the start would attempt to start the bulb and then fail; after that would not even light green light.

Dismantled for parts.