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Performance Requirements[edit]

  • Cutoff switch
  • Protective housing
    • Must be one piece
  • Safety interlocks
    • Prevent access to laser
    • Must be redundant or failsafe
    • Remote interlock
      • Allow for remote power killing
  • Key control
    • Could be a computer password
    • Prevent unauthoized operation
  • Mission indicator
    • visable or audiable effect to let people know of power on.
  • Beam atteunator
    • Mechanical or electrical that blocks emmession
  • Operator controls
    • Operator must not be in line of sight with laser beams
  • Box must not have no holes for viewing inside
  • Scanned lasers but not execed laser raiting, and have methods to ensure that.
  • Manual reset
    • Must prevent automatic operation restart in the case of power or hardware failure.

Labeling Requirements[edit]

  • Logo type
    • A sticker of some kind
  • Removable housing must have labels as well.
  • Apature warning label for each
  • Certification labels
    • Must state with regulations complies with
  • Identification Labels
    • Name
    • Address
    • Year made
  • All Labels must be perminate and easily visable.

Informational Requirements[edit]

  • Mostly for sellers
  • Defines user informations
  • Doesn't concern us.

Specfic purpose products[edit]

Demostration Lasers[edit]

  • Resitrcted to Class 2 and below
  • Can request varance
  • Cannot be used for audiance scanning.

Record Keeping[edit]

  • Doesn't concern us


  • Manufactors can be exempt from record keeping if production volume is low enough

Appendix B[edit]

  • Two laser show involved
    • The physical projector
    • The projector show
      • Includes
        • The projector
        • The Screen
        • The Venue
        • Anything the laser interacts with
        • Specific to the date.
      • Must all be reported when filiing
  • Must Report
    • A report on the system equipment and aux components
    • A show report
    • The specific dates and location of the show
  • Use the guide to write these things