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This is the world's most awesome picture
  • To be held on December 12th 2009 at 5:30 in an undisclosed location
  • Justin (+1) will bring truffle shallot mashed potatoes and mushroom garlic gravy (vegan)
  • Eric (+1) will bring veggie chili and a ton of booze we all kicked in on
    • Sara may make some cookies
    • I will bring two camping chairs and a card table
  • Alicia will bring sugar cookies
  • Charles will bring buffalo chicken dip. He eats meat.
  • Ryan (+1) will bring a turducken and meat dressing (and a deep-fried turkey if the head count is right)
  • Liz (+1) will bring Christmas cookies
  • Shelby (+1?) will bring home made mac&cheese. Anyone opposed to dijon mustard in it?
  • Raphael (+2) will bring baked sweet potatoes.
  • Devon (+1) Will bring a meat bearing entrée
  • Bill (+1) Will bring some sort of side dish that he did not make, because he cannot make side dishes yet. (*** ANY REQUESTS? ***)
  • Jess will bring a pumpkin pie.
  • Zach has said he will come and bring something tasty
  • Adam will be coming and bringing, um... cookies? and maybe some cup of noodle?
  • Chris (+1) will be there , bringing dip + desert
  • Adam and pip have a ton of beer at our house (3 6-packs) but don't drink it, so we'll bring it!

Shopping list[edit]

Assuming 15-20 people

  • Beer
    • 3 growlers (5 pints each) and various bottles assorted craft beers from bierkraft. If you have any preferences, speak up :)
    • $100
  • wine
    • a few bottles of assorted wines (I usually opt for malbec and reisling, let me know if you have preferences)
    • $60
  • liquor
    • bacardi rum
    • vodka
    • $40
    • mixers (coke, sprite, seltzer, oj, cranberry, mint, limes, lemons)
    • $25
  • munchies
    • 2 veggie platters from trader joes
    • 2 fruit platters
    • $60