Park Dowser

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The overarching goal of the project is to produce an end-to-end project based on an arduino, as a proof of skills on the arduino platform.

The implementation goal is a dowsing stick that directs you to the nearest green space in New York City.

Best versions:

  • Allows you to dial in distance and size parameters: willing to walk 15 blocks for an 8 block garden; willing to walk 5 blocks regardless of size.
  • Allows you to cycle through three possible park destinations, colored lights tell you relative distance (redder = farther) and fineness of garden (greener = nicer).
  • Crab bot instead of dowser! Remote control only tells it to stop, so you can keep it from running into traffic. All other settings and displays are on board.

First version: Takes you to the nearest (by block walking) garden. Chirps when you arrive, or flowers briefly when you arrive.