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The Ubiquity gateway device includes an internal "speedtest" assessment. The assessment may help troubleshoot network performance issues and is particularly well-suited for isolating the ISP's performance from perceived issues with WiFi performance or individual client performance, as the assessment is run from the device adjacent to the ISP's Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE). Therefore, speed evaluations performed by the network gateway are more likely to represent the true performance capacity of the ISP at a given time, and illuminate issues that may exist within the NYCR network.

Accessing the "Speedtest" Assessment Feature[edit]

NOTE: The passwords used to access these consoles are shared with the NYCR Creepycam devices, if you do not know the password for those devices, speak with another NYCR Member

  1. Access the UniFi Management Console at, login as "root" with the NYCR member password.
  2. On the console's dashboard, locate the "THROUGHPUT" statistic and observe the "SPEED TEST" button attached.
  3. Invoke "Speed Test" and then start the test.
  4. Results will be displayed upon completion of latency, downstream, and upstream evaluations.