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Third Space From the Sun


June 8th, 2024, 6pm Eventbrite Link


Alex Panait, Arcade Commons Showcase! [edit]

Hoverburger2 - Alex Panait.jpg

We are excited to present two of the newest indie made arcade games built right here in Brooklyn, NY, Hoverburger and Dyebreaker! We also have a special version of the classic Arcade Commons game, Vector Mace, built with a piece of Resistor history.

Amber Parris, backcast [edit]

The project explores backcasting as a model for understanding the future of climate change by visualizing average global temperature data. The program, created with Processing, allows the user to select a temperature goal 100 years in the future and then creates a timeline of color blocks correlated to changes in temperature. The visuals begin in the year 1880, when we started recording average annual surface temperature, and continues with data from NASA GISS. The program then scales the user’s goal to annual incremental temperature changes until it reaches the goal 100 years in the future. The result is experienced on a computer interface. The backcasting format allows the user to experiment with optimistic possibilities for a sustainable climate, combating the conservative goals that are discussed in traditional discourse."

See documentation here

Binna Lee , Echo or The Power Paradox [edit]

Project Details ThePowerParadox - Binna Lee.png

'Echo’ or 'The Power Paradox' is an immersive installation that delves into the power imbalances of our digital era by exposing how social media and AI can distort reality. It simulates a world where manipulated shadows of information obscure truth, much like figures lurking just beyond direct sight. 'Echo' challenges visitors as digital citizens in an evolving landscape to discern the authenticity of fragmented and overwhelming digital data, prompting a deeper consideration of how such narratives shape public consciousness and distort our perceptions of reality. This is a collaborative project involving Binna Lee as the Creative Director, Sichun Zhang as the Visual Designer, Roy Yang as the Creative Technician, and Jay Torin as the Sound Designer. Together, we aim to highlight the transformative potential of artistic expression to challenge prevailing narratives and reevaluate the impact of our digital engagements. This installation uses visual and audio-reactive technologies to create an interactive, projection-mapped hollow cube sculpture with threads. The cube is filled with fragments of cascading lights that dynamically respond to audience voices and soundscapes, symbolizing the echo chambers of digital media. This project has been in active evolution through previous prototypes.

(Project Deveopments) (Official Website)

Chris Fenton, Grasso [edit]

An LLM-based, free-range, stationary robot named Grasso. He observes the world around him and occasionally shares his thoughts and feelings. He does not care about humans.

Christopher Kaczmarek, Untitled (solar eggs) [edit]

This piece consists of four separate solar circuits that store energy and trigger motors in an arrhythmic sequence which is regulated both by the amount of light in the room and by variances in the individual circuits. The spasmodic movement of the motors causes pairs of empty eggshell halves to tap against one another, producing a surprisingly amplified sound. The contrast between the expected fragility and evident strength of these symbolic elements leaves the viewer with both surprise and uncertainty. The eggshells reference the seed of life directly, while at the same time alluding to the seed of life on this planet, the sun, and the balance between fragility and strength in our seemingly permanent world. Placed in an environment with variable lighting, the changing frequency of the percussion becomes an audible reminder of the often overlooked and ever changing energy that surrounds us.

Cyril Engmann, PIMSLO [edit]

Screenshot 20240429 110806 Notion - Cyril 'Nick' Engmann.jpg

I made a custom camera that individuals can use to take fun stereographic pictures. I can either bring 2 of the cameras that can "float" in the space for people to take pictures with or build a small photobooth setup for people to take photos with and have the pictures be sent to their e-mail

Don Hanson, Donware Device 01 [edit]

Don Hanson.png

Donware Device 01 is a prototype wall-hanging computer running a generative art program designed by the artist which evolves over the course of several hours.

Georgios Cherouvim, Pendulum [edit]

Pendulum - Georgios Cherouvim.png

Pendulum is a kinetic audiovisual installation that invites the audience to interact with it. It features a suspending screen that can swing freely and acts as the intersection between the tangible and the intangible. The screen renders a slice of a virtual shape which remains fixed in the physical space regardless of the screen’s orientation and movement. Through the periodic motion of the pendulum the shape is fully revealed in 3 dimensions, creating the illusion that the virtual space extends beyond the boundaries of the screen and into the physical world. A sonification process turns the rendered image into an audible signal that fluctuates in perfect sync with the pendulum’s motion. The installation functions as an experimental interface offering new possibilities for experiencing and interacting with virtual worlds.

James Akers, Soul Selling Timer [edit]

Soul Selling Timer 14WEB - James Akers.png

A neon laden production timer with life priorities spinning around on top and Big Tech shaped business priorities spinning around on the bottom. All packaged up in an enshittified plastique "meeseeks" box.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Arcade Controller Design Projects [edit]


On May 19th I'm running a DIY Classic Arcade Controller Design Workshop at Resistor. For the Interactive Show I thought it might be great for people from the workshop to showcase their controllers and have guests play with them during the show.

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, ClockWise: A Clock That Mimics Human Memory [edit]

Clockwise table - Jonah Brucker-Cohen.jpeg

ClockWise is a “smart” clock that will only tell you the time it was the last time you checked it. Utilizing a combination of artificial intelligence and face detection, the clock can identify its viewer and show them only the time the last they looked at the clock face. Inspired by the "forgetting curve" discovered by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the 1880s, ClockWise challenges our memory retention by displaying the time of our last glance, compelling us to reinforce our knowledge or seek the current time elsewhere.

Karen, The Warm Embrace of Cthulhu [edit]

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 21.12.11 - Karen Ullrich.png

A creature created to learn to love. Engage gently, stranger, for you are its teacher.

Kay Wasil, Boundless [edit]

DSCF4668 - Kay Wasil.jpg

An exploration of PCBs as wearable art - including a PCB necklace with LEDs and an LED grid dress.

Kylie Rah, Birth [edit]

IMG 8165 - Kylie Rah.jpeg

The definition of a space disconnected from reality and a space of reality that I think of as unrealistic begins with "the universe". It is an entirely imaginary space, and it is also a space that can attract the senses of time and hearing to the maximum. Based on this, the birth of abstract living things in outer space was represented. The exploration of space, or realms beyond our understanding, often begins as a quest to transcend reality. The works, which could be described as manifestations of my second self or alternate identity, incorporate the physical properties of light, 3D printing, texturally rich sculptures, sound, and kinetic elements. These components blend to explore the relationships between objects and light, the effects of sound on stimulating associations, and the processes of visual and auditory abstraction. This body of work unfilteredly documents these interactions.

Lucy Bermudez, NASA Girl [edit]

Acrylic painting that glows in black light.

Matt Pfeiffer, BloomBot [edit]

Matt Pfeiffer - BloomBot.png

Robotic chandelier with sonar range finder below that opens up when you stand underneath it.

Micaelle Lages, SPELL: SPELL Sphere for Projection with Artificial Real-time Interaction [edit]

Micaelle Lages - SPELL.png

This art piece seeks to delve into the intrinsic relations between magic, technology, humans and nature. An immersive interactive installation, featuring AI-generated 360 enviroments of nature visuals, invites visitors to co-create with machines by reconnecting and creatively reimaging nature and it's magic connections. Hand movements affect the live visuals in real time and help navigate through this reimagined ecosystem, where visitors are invited to practice presence and embrace this forgotten knowledge, while fostering a reconnection with nature.

Priyanka Makin, interFACE [edit]

Priyanka Makin - interFACE.png

interFACE is a step sequencer digital synthesizer module. It runs off of a Teensy 4.1 and Audio Shield and plays back recorded body samples at each step. The module is housed in a custom acrylic box and the top faceplate is a doodle of Priyanka's face. The musician can configure the sample being played at each step using the potentiometer teeth and can also change the volume and speed using the potentiometer cheeks. Playback modes can be changed by pressing an eye button where the clock speed can be set by control voltage signals coming from A Nervous System (Brain).

Robin Wong, Live Performance [edit]

I’ll be performing video game music, chiptune pop covers, and original music while having accompanying visuals being projected from touchdesigner.

Suraj Barthy, Chase [edit]

Suraj Barthy - Chase.png

"""Chase"" is a kinetic sculpture by Suraj Barthy that reimagines the conventional representation of time, prompting viewers to reconsider their perceptions of time as an absolute. The mechanism of ""Chase"" captures the anticipatory sensation of an endless pursuit. The minute hand’s chase after midnight is always disrupted at 11:59 as the clock face rotates 90 degrees, pulling the hour hand with it, and reverting the time back to 11:29. This does not indicate an error; rather, it reflects the reality that it must be 11:29 somewhere else in the world at that moment. Reflecting the artist’s background from a different country and time zone, ""Chase"" explores time as both a global and local construct. It presents a duality between time as a measurable, objective entity and as a subjective, personal experience. Despite often being perceived as a fixed and uniform system, time becomes fluid when considered in the context of various international regions. ""Chase"" serves as a metaphor for the human condition: constantly pursuing goals, dreams, and the future itself, while sometimes fearing the attainment of these desires. It encourages viewers to cherish fleeting moments, find beauty in anticipation, and celebrate the diverse experiences of time. By proposing these perspectives, ""Chase"" reminds us that while time may separate us by hours, minutes, or seconds, it also unites us in a continuous flow of moments that define our shared humanity."

Takafumi Ide, Heartstrings [edit]

The visitors' touch activates the sensor, inviting them to participate in the artwork. The reaction varies depending on whether one, two, or more people hold hands, symbolizing the spreading of the heart of love and peace.

Vincent Naples, Shadow Selfie [edit]

Vincent Naples - Shadow Selfie.png

last year I showed an early iteration of my Shadow Selfie insult mirror project. I've iterated on it since last time, and have updated a host of UX, AI models, animations etc. for the 2024 build, and would love to give that a showing while I'm in NY for the summer