Minutes:January 23, 2008

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  • Around the table with everyone to see what's up


Add Items Directly, or talk about the here

  • Elect officers (prez,vp, secretary, treasurer) - Zach
    • May not be necessary if we go completely member managed, rather then member-manger managed. --George
  • Finish Operating Agreement stuff - Zach
  • Operating Agreement
  • The feeling is that although it means spending money on Feb rent, if this is a good space, lets do it
    • Core members commit to cover emergency share of rent if we default
  • 397 Bridge Street is the address of the 1st choice location
  • Fundraiser!!! - we're going to need to get moving on funding ASAP
  • Raphael has another space he'd like to look at a 8:30am tomorrow
    • It feels like a space that we could go completely crazy and do whatever we want
    • It's better place, but location is a concern
    • Rent is $100 cheaper
    • They want 2 months security + first & last
  • Questions to ask of the landlord
    • We work late with music



  • Send classes you can do to Raphael (raphael AT teuthis DOT com)
    • keep them simple and small-scale
  • Need to set up membership with direct debits from Paypal
    • Set up website for signing up
    • George will create paypal membership link