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  • name website skills? What's a project that you've completed? What's a project you want to do. Email
  • Bre Pettis - http://imakethings.com - solder, very little programming, I've made a drawing robot, I want to make more musical microcontroller projects and a magic lantern sms reader.
  • Eric Beug - http://assultwithsugar.com - solder, programming in max/msp, I've made a wireless coffee cups, I want to make a wireless modular synthesizer.
  • John Cater - High Level programming, learning other stuff, no projects completed, I want to hack a one line heads up display.
  • Zach Smith - http://zachhoeken.com - solderer, more of a programmer than a hardware guy but getting into it, involved reprap (3d printer), 3d printer on an arduino.
  • Bill Mcintyre - http://mrfuture.com - programming microcontrollers and application development, poor man's gps completed, I want to do toy related projects.
  • Eric Skiff - http://glitchnyc.com - media maker, organizational ninja, motion sensitive wand, I want to put together a lava lamp wall.
  • Patrick Di Justo - http://www.dijusto.com - programming and learning hardware, now working on an LED Menorah.
  • George Shammas - http://nycresistor.com, server management and ninja skills, LED projects.
  • Nick Bilton - http://nickbilton.org, frontend css ninja and hardware hacking and programming in C and Designer, Shifd.com (rifd hacking with phone), I want to make a spinning pov and an interactive LED project.
  • Justin Day - http://linkfilter.net, coder, I want to make and LED blink and get the buzzer working! [email protected]
  • Gabe Baltaian - http://bigapplehobbies.com, no code, crazy hardware, Played with a BOE, I want an automous quad copter. [email protected]
  • Cindy Baltaian - I do lego robotics.
  • Adam Vollmer - http://volmari.as, software engineering, I want to work on LED projects. [email protected]
  • Adam Tannir - http://www.semimajor.net Unable to navigate space and time (and missed the meeting). Would like to make a Logo turtle, LED cubes (with muxers), other visual effects. [email protected]
  • Eric Stimmel - http://ericstimmel.com/, I have some beginning programming and hardware hacking skills and am interested in making things CNC related ( drawbot, router, etc. ) I also have some experience playing with gps devices and video cameras.
  • Dane Kouttron - http://www.dklabs.co.nr, bascom avr, lots of solder, microcontrollers, maxim-ic parts & power electronics. rensselaer ee-epow undergrad
  • Dave Clausen - software engineer, µc hacker. I have completed several AVR-based projects, some during a course on embedded systems I took, and some on my own. I'm interested in anything fun and novel -- LED cubes, self-replicating autonomous death blimps, whatever.
  • Raphael Abrams - http://teuthis.com Make a living doing circuit design and microcontroller programming. Can draw and paint. Depending on the subject I am either an insufferable know-it-all or completely useless: try me.
  • Dave Pentecost - http://www.gomaya.com/glyph Final Cut, some web design, web media. TV editor. Jungle stomper. LEDs to LilyPad to interactive graphics to xbee to planetarium controls. It's a plan.
  • Robert Diamond - http://www.batchpcb.com/index.php/Products/1978 Software by trade, but have built several AVR-based scrolling alphanumeric LED displays, and a MSP430-based power monitoring system (which is alas the IP of a former employer who will never do anything with it). Would like to make an ARM-based drum machine and a touch-sensitive doorbell. [email protected]
  • Andrew O'Malley - http://www.technoetc.net/blog Skills: Arduino/microprocessors, LEDs, EL wire, sensors, DJ'ing, video editing. Completed: lots of LED things. Want to do: open-source clock; Arduino-based drum machine.