Megascroller Mario

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Installation Info[edit]

  • There is a wiimote labelled Mario which is paired to the machine.
  • The computer is a mac mini physically located in craftsville
  • There is a computer and mouse already hooked to the machine, but no monitor
  • Remotely connect via SSH or VNC
  • Host:
  • User: justin
  • Pass: Same as Creepycam


Lost wiimote[edit]

  1. Connect via VNC
  2. Click the wjoy icon in the top toolbar (looks like a wiimote)
  3. Choose Begin Discovery
  4. Press 1+2 on Wiimote
  5. If prompted password is 0000
  6. Repeat as necessary

If it still won't connect after several retries, delete the wiimote from bluetooth devices and retry

Game frozen[edit]

When logging into the machine you should see two copies of Mario, one running in the top left corner and one just below it. If the one it the top left corner is missing restart mario by clicking the script looking icon in the dock

If Mario is running but screengrabber you can restart it from Processing or from the application icon in the dock