Meeting Minutes - 20080401

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Meeting Minutes - 20080401
Attendees Kelly Farrell

George Shammas Raphael Matt Eric Tikva Dave Clausen Justin Day Dino Pat Zach Diana Nick Hans Eric Alicia Adam Bre (coming later)

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  • Party recap - it was awesome. We made money.
    • Only one person barfed!
    • Quote "We broke George"
  • Your mother doesn't hack here - please clean up after yourself! Keep projects off the table unless your
  • Mailing Lists
    • [email protected] stays private
    • NYCResistor-members gets killed
    • NYCResistor-msg - stays
    • NYCResistor-public gets created
  • Problem members
  • Vinyl stickers - Kroosh made us some!!
    • Nick is changing the logo
  • Classes
    • Soldinging 101 - apr 5, sold out!
    • The rest are a mixed bag, we've made about $1,800 ($900 or so for the space, $900 to teachers)
  • If you're teaching, and enough people haven't signed up 2 day notice of cancellation is required
  • Need another table - we'll make another sawhorses table
  • Supplies for classes - teachers are in charge of that
  • Press
    • BoingBoing - Thanks Rose!
    • How do we continue to get traffic?