Meeting Minutes:2008-03-25

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Meeting Minutes:2008-03-25
Attendees Zach

Adam Raphael Justin Dave Diana Diana's Friend Hans Matt Pat

Location 397 Bridge St
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  • Party - Zach has an email for us to send
  • Graphics people will get together after the meeting to make a postcard
  • Blip is sponsoring the party. Awesomeness!
  • Diana has a friend that's going to make us some limited edition tees for tomorrow
  • Beverages for the party?
    • We're getting a blue moon keg $135 + $105 deposit
    • soda
      • Coke, Club soda, tonic, bottled water, diet coke,
  • We need a mini fridge
  • Vitamin water? Eric will talk more with Federico
  • Neighbors invited.
  • Party going until 4?
    • Everyone is cool with it, Zach will stay till the end.
  • Zip tie the hallway?
  • No roof at the party
  • Beakers coming
  • Tables
    • Stacking the second on the first
    • People will be here early to prepare
  • Printed class lists to hand out to people
  • Diana will add her class with Raphael and Eric
  • Diana & Raphael will get the curtain here
  • Eric, Justin and Zach will figure out eventbrite class fullness status XML
  • Barbot!!!