Magic Mirror

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The Magic Mirror is sometimes a mirror and sometimes a window. It can look out through the television screen and see into your living room like a toddler watching Romper Room. Actually this is not what it can do at all.

The Magic Mirror is one of two or N mirrors in different locations. When you walk by the mirror it's just a mirror, showing the reflection of the room around it. When you pause and look into the mirror, it becomes a window, looking out through the sister magic mirror in another location. By looking straight into the mirror, you both see a window into the other location and turn the mirror there into a window on your room. If you close one eye, you can peek into the other room without changing the other mirror into a window.

The initial implementation path is:

  1. Two way mirror material
  2. Two cameras
  3. Facial recognition software
  4. A way to turn the 'window' on. Projector? LCD screen?