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This page will hold ideas for ways we can pay back the laser

Things we could make / sell[edit]

  • A "twitter fail whale" necklace and other meme jewelry
  • Stencil cards
    • A deck of stencils around the size of a deck of cards with characters like pirates, ninjas, robots, and puny humans you can use to create placemat adventures and comics (with speech bubbles) from. The material will need to be thin and strong for this to work. Bonus: The cut out stencil parts can be sold as jewelry
  • Laser cut lamps - simple 4 sided lamps with nice vector designs on them, and a simple bulb in the center
  • Geeky spinning "projection" lamp: a cylindrical lamp with a hot-air powered fan at the top, that spins on a center pin. When on, the lamp throws the image of the cutouts of math equasions, curves, dna, mandelbrot, etc.. Have your own hackers inspired visual montage spinning around your room!
  • Plastic "leaf system" for decorating walls - inspired by the seaweed thing at the moma store. Ours could be lit with LEDs!
  • Custom cut window displays made from clear acrylic with a row of bright LEDs at the bottom, so the cut edges of the acrylic light up.
  • I love laser merchandise
    • I love laser can be spelled out, or written as I [heart symbol] [laser symbol]
    • Shirt with "i love laser" cut out where a screenprint design would be, with different color fabric then attached underneath with something like wunder under
      • (can we cut fabric? If so, what types?)
  • NYCResistor Merch
    • Plastic (or rubber?) badges that can be attached to clothing, with the resistor name and logo cut out (cooler than embroidered badges)
  • Vinyl Records.