Laser Etching Service FAQ

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Prices for raster etches are:

Object Price Introductory price (until Oct. 1)
Laptop $100 $80
Gizmo $30 $25

Operator notes[edit]

Turn off the X/Y servos and move the mirror head, with the focusing tool attached, around the surface of the laptop to make sure that it's sitting completely flat. If it's not, shim up one edge or another with a bit of paper. Otherwise the etch may be out of focus at one end.


No polycarbonate or chlorinated plastics. Chlorine makes horrible gasses that kill us and the laser, and Polycarbonate just generally doesn't etch well.

Known bad:

What Why
MacBook (not Pro or Air) Polycarbonate shell
Moleskin thingies Chlorine infused cover
Any exposed wires Wire insulation is often PVC


We are not responsible for your item. You get your item lasered at your own risk.