Laser Cleaning Day 2009

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What has been done[edit]

  • The new lens needs to be ordered! -- Done, received(agm)
  • The new lens needs to be installed! -- Done (agm,scribel)
  • Laser needs to be disconnected and cleaned out (agm)
  • X rails need cleaning and greasing (agm)
  • X optical encoder needs cleaning (agm)
  • Mirrors need to be checked! -- look OK. (agm)
  • Electricity should be run through conduits and holes in the wall, not wires hanging out the window! -- Done, orange power cords all labeled. (max, bre, agm)
  • The output filter needs a teardown! (agm)
  • The filter stack needs to be examined! (agm)
  • Order parts for filter electrical socket replacement: (agm) (status-- ordered, will ship tues.)

What is in progress[edit]

  • Vector grid maintenance needs to be determined! (liz)
  • Better signage needs to happen! (liz, max, bre)
    • Cord (NEMA 5-15 Type B to IEC 320-C13) Digikey

What needs to be done[edit]

  • We need to get brushes for cleaning the inside bits of the laser! (agm: we have toothbrushes. who wants to do the dirty work?)
  • We need to get lens cleaning solution!
  • The compressor filter needs to be cleaned thoroughly!
  • The compressor needs a teardown! (We have a maintenance manual now!)
  • The holes in the bottom of the output filter need to be sealed!
  • The tubing needs to be replaced! (max may take this task, as time permits.)
  • A boost fan needs to be added to handle the extra tube length!
  • Certification classes need to happen!
  • Consolidate to one computer

Procedures for the Future[edit]

  • Lens will be cleaned once a week to avoid wear and tear. Lens cleaning will only be performed by Certified Laser Lens Cleaning Technicians In Matching Jumpsuits.
  • If lens is especially nasty or cloudy, a Certified Laser Lens Cleaning Technician In Matching Jumpsuit may be contacted to do a cleaning.
  • You will always remove debris from the tray after using the laser.
  • You will always wipe down the rulers after using the laser.
  • You will always wipe down the inside of the tray after using the laser.
  • If the glass cover is foggy, you will clean the glass cover after using the laser.
  • You will check the state of the first stage filter before using the laser.
  • Thou shalt never put the grid-- especially the good one-- face down on an uneven surface.