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Evaluating drivers.

Low-end (sinks)[edit]

Chip VDD Bits Packages Eval
✓STP08/16C596 down to 4.5V 8/16 DIP, SO current limited, can sub for the DP05 in a pinch
✓STP08/16DP05 down to 3.3V 8/16 DIP, SO current limited, DIP package no longer in production, autotest, electrostatic protection
TPIC2810 3-5V 8 SO Uses I2C
MM5450 5-11V 35! DIP, PLCC Way too many pins.
TLC5940 3-5V 16 DIP-28!, RHB, PWP Onboard PWM, EEPROM-backed channel correction. Overfeatured.
PCA9635 2.3-5.5V 16 TSSOP Onboard PWM, another overfeatured chip.
TLC5916 no data
TLC5905PAP 4.5-5.5V 16 PLCC-64 Overfeature overdrive
UCN5833 5V 32 DIP-40, PLCC Too many pins
✓A6278/9 3-5V 8/16 DIP, SOIC current limited, 25MHz data rate

Whole-grid drivers[edit]

Chip VDD Grid Packages Eval
max6952, 6953 2.7-5.5V 20x7 SSOP, DIP-40 Includes onboard font, too specific?
max6957 2.7-5.5V varies (20pin) DIP-28 Very configurable
MAX7219, 7221 4-5.5 8x8 DIP-24, SO SPI, current controlled, 800Hz