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Jakes order goes in at 7:45. What do you want to eat, and how do you want it cooked??

  • Remember to include:
    • Your order.
    • How you want your meat cooked (medium, medium well, etc)
    • What sides you want


  • Eric: Blue cheese burger deluxe, cooked medium, steak fries, side of BBQ sauce
  • Ranjit: Pulled chicken platter w BBQ sauce. Sides: baked beans, collard greens. Bread: cornbread.
  • Hoeken: Cheese Sirloin Cheeseburger Deluxe, medium, cheddar cheese, sweet potato fries, macaroni salad
  • George: Pulled Pork Platter. Sides: cajun yellow rice, baked beans. Bread: cornbread.
    • I am going to be there around 8:15
  • Adam: Blue cheese burger, medium, no tomato, with bacon, and a mashed potatoes w/gravy.
  • Liz:Fried Catfish on roll with cheddar and fries, mayo on the side
  • Mark: Pulled Pork Platter. Sides: baked beans, collard greens. Bread: cornbread.
  • Matt: 6 chicken tenders, Beef Brisket, Steak Fries, Cornbread
  • Ben: macaroni & cheese
  • Ryan: 3 cornbreads
  • Raph: Half a BBQ chicken, mac & cheese side, beer battered pickles