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NYC Resistor will celebrate Awesome August by throwing a great party filled with lots of things for party goers to play with.


  • August 22nd, 2009 @ 9PM



Eight Foot Lite Brite[edit]

Toy Player Piano[edit]

Monome Music Toy[edit]

  • Who: Eric S
  • What: Will set up the Monome and a fun music arpeggiator - red blinking lights + sound = win
  • How's it interactive? - Push the buttons and it changes the arpeggiations and tune

Stellarium Starry Sky[edit]

  • Who: Eric S
  • What: Set up the projector and Stellarium, showing the stars that are currently above us on the ceiling
  • How's it interactive? - Display updates as time passes, users can toggle constellations, graphics, etc

Shuffle Ya Face[edit]

  • Who: JD
  • What: A mix-n-match Processing game using the SpookyBox. The game will be running on a laptop with a built-in camera. Users will be invited to take their photo making sure that their face lines up with the one on screen. Then users will be able to mix and match eyes, noses and smiles to make new pictures. Pictures can then be tweeted using the nycr account. (maybe)
  • How's it interactive? It's a game!



Party Duties[edit]

  • Prime Minister: JD
  • Minister of Beer: Jared K
  • Minister of Spirits: Eric S
  • Minister of Tunes: Jen (JD's wife) will DJ
  • Minister of Hype: JD
  • Minister of Sanitation: ??
    • Pre cleaning (3):
      • William Ward
      • Ranjit
      • Zach Hoeken
    • Post cleaning (3):
      • JD
      • Eric S
      • William Ward
  • Minister of Security: Zach Hoeken
    • Door (3):
      • Zach Hoeken
      • Pax-zilla
      • Max
  • Minister of Streaming Video: William Ward