How to Play WiiU

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Justin brought in a WiiU on July 6th, 2015. The main unit sits on top of cubesville next to the stereo. The handheld unit sits on a charging stand near the couches. Additional controllers are housed in the plastic tub with a blue top in cubesville. Please return controllers to the tub so they don't get dusty and crappy.

  • For a quick solo game, simply pick up the handheld unit and turn it on. The mario games are especially enjoyable using the handheld unit.
  • For a group game you will need to plug the HDMI cable from the projector into the main unit on top of cubesville.

As of this writing the following games are available:

  1. Super Mario 3D World
  2. Super Mario WiiU
  3. Shovel Knight (throwback cross between Castlevania and Mega Man, it's fun)
  4. Super Mario Cart 10
  5. A number of Wii games preloaded