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We must rock at the last HOPE. In order to achieve rocking we need to have presentations, and we need to have a presence in the hacker village. We also need warm bodies to be there, help run the table, and press some flesh. If you haven't already, go pony up your $75.00 for a ticket. They sell out quick so do not procrastinate. If you need help scoring cash, please take Justin aside and let him know, he'll make something happen.


The following presentations are in the works. We need confirmations. AFAIK none of these have actually been proposed to HOPE. This needs to be done ASAP (by next Tuesday). If there are any other presentations in the works (Matt? Beuller? Beuller? Beuller?).

Cracking SSL in Debian Linux distros[edit]

Dino will be presenting the rainbow table crack for SSL in Debian along with some statistics of how many servers are still vulnerable

Building a hacker space[edit]

Bre will be presenting how to build a hacker space ( or possibly DIY survival ). If Bre is away, George will run (ruin?) the hacker space presentation.

Building an open-source distributed twitter[edit]

Justin will be presenting findings and progress on building an open-source, open-format microblogging solution.

Hacker Village[edit]

First we need a table. Bre said that Nick Farr had a lead on this, or was in the works of scoring one for both HacDC and NYCR, or something to that effect. Bre and Justin need to work this out ASAP (like tomorrow) and get this moving.

Once that happens we need volunteers. Justin volunteers to take a personal day and man the table for at least half a day. We need 3-4 more people to step up and offer to man the table.

We also need things to show off. Things that blink, things that move, things that rock. We need them all at our table. And possibly a laser. (Laser committee, please keep Justin in the loop if laser table is needed). Ideas bounced around for awesomeness to show:

  • Virgin BarBot. Adam, are you willing to champion this cause? Why virgin? Because so many childrens will be about.
  • LED projects. Everyone loves blinky. If you have an LED project you can show, or lend, please put it here.
    • Banana LED dance toy should definitely be there
    • LED sewies -- if we do a merch table, we can offer to sew an LED sequin onto anything they want (except body parts).
  • Matt's RFID badges. Everyone seems to know that Matt is doing something with RFID badgets at HOPE, but nobody seems clear on exactly what. Someone corner him and let's find out what we can do.
  • Laser Graffiti. Max, will this be up in time? If so, can we demo it somewhere? It'd be OK to even have some video to show off of us doing it somewhere. Max answers: "Having tested a few things with the GRL boys, I'm confident this will work, though it may (probably will) mean getting a higher powered laser."
  • Schwag!
    • We need stickers. I need to get an order into Sticker Robot (or other recommended vendor) ASAP. I need a EPS or PSD of the desired logo ASAP. I know Kroosh offered to do some vinyl stickers for us, whats the story there? Skiff?
    • TShirts, anyone got an update for us on getting a number of shirts? Is this Fail?
    • Literature, need class schedules, handouts, flyers, etc. Anyone care to champion this cause? I'd love to communicate how we're a different sort of hacker group.