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MediaWiki's subpage feature is turned off by default.

It can be turned on in any given wiki, per namespace, by the system administrator with $wgNamespacesWithSubpages in the specific wiki's LocalSettings.php.


If the subpage feature is off (this is the default), then slashes (/) within a page name are simply part of the page name and do nothing special.


If the subpage feature is on (default is off and this is a per namespace setting), then slashes (/) within a page name break the page into parent and subpages, recursively, eg:

Example page
Example page/Some sub-page
Example page/Some sub-page/Some sub-sub-page

Link(s) back to parent(s) of the subpage(s) automatically appear at the top of each subpage. Note that these links do not appear however if the parent page has not yet been created.

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