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Looking for places to ragchew around NYC


Callsign Frequency (MHz) Shift PL/CTCSS (Hz) Location Reachable from NYU? Reachable from NYCR? Reachable from UWS? Activity Level Features Other Remarks
WA2ZLB 447.825 - 107.2 Manhattan, Rockefeller Center Yes Yes? Yes Low Also has 2m, 220MHz in/outs. Echolink
W2ABC 147.270 - 141.3 ABC Broadcast Center, W 60s No ? Yes Low ?
KQ2H 449.225 - 82.5 Empire State Building Yes ? Yes High Part of a wide network that goes upstate, including a 10m repeater which allows for periodic DX, usually within the USA but overseas from time to time as well. I have worked São Paulo from this repeater before. Prone to jamming from the NYC transceiver so the operators periodically turn off the Empire State machine to alleviate this, making this system unreliable for general use. Really, really busy - wwward
WA2WCB 440.350 + 127.3 Unknown ? ? Yes Unknown
KK2T 444.050 + 114.8 Mt. Sinai Medical Center (96th St/5th Ave) ? ? Yes Unknown Affiliated with the "Apple Amateur Radio Club"
WB2ZTH 447.175 - 141.3 Long Island City, Queens ? ? Yes Unknown Apparently affiliated with ARC ECS, an emergency services club in Queens
W2ML 449.325 - 136.5 Unknown ? ? Yes
WB2ZSE 449.8 - 114.8 Unknown ? ? Yes

K2RMX446.825 MHz446,825 kHz <br />0.447 GHz <br />446,825,000 Hz <br />-5 MHz141.3 Hz
KQ2H449.225 MHz449,225 kHz <br />0.449 GHz <br />449,225,000 Hz <br />-5 MHz82.5 Hz
W2ABC147.27 MHz147,270 kHz <br />0.147 GHz <br />147,270,000 Hz <br />-0.6 MHz141.3 Hz
W2VL146.85 MHz146,850 kHz <br />0.147 GHz <br />146,850,000 Hz <br />-0.6 MHz136.5 Hz
WA2WCB440.35 MHz440,350 kHz <br />0.44 GHz <br />440,350,000 Hz <br />5 MHz127.3 Hz
WA2ZLB447.825 MHz447,825 kHz <br />0.448 GHz <br />447,825,000 Hz <br />-5 MHz107.2 Hz
WB2HWW440.7 MHz440,700 kHz <br />0.441 GHz <br />440,700,000 Hz <br />5 MHz114.8 Hz