Halloween Party 2008

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NYC Resistor will be hosting a Halloween Party on Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 9PM EST. YAY!

There is a possibility this will be held at those other guy's Flatbush space. Alicia is finding out.


Costumes will be mandatory. Anyone arriving without a costume will be asked to put on one of our "loaners" or will be turned away. Ideas for loaners include:

  • the Charlie Brown ghost costume (a sheet with lots of holes)
  • a LED fail costume
  • a fail whale hat


The cover charge will be $10.00.


We need the following things to happen to make the party a success:

  • Beer
  • Alcohol
  • Music
  • Visuals
  • A Clean Space
  • Door People
  • Loaner Costumes


I'm assuming a keg will do.

  • Zach is on this


I'm assuming we'll want some sort of mixed drinks or some sort of Halloween related punch type beverage.

  • Zach is on this


Jen (Justin's wife) has volunteered to DJ the music for the evening. Unless there's objections she will do so.


Justin is working on a set of visuals based on Processing.


Fog for the fog machine Dry Ice for the toilet ---- (Do be warned I have seen porcelain shatter from the cold)

  • Max is on dry ice
  • Bre is on fog

A Clean Space[edit]

We need volunteers. The cleaning party will be held on Wednesday October 29th starting at 7PM. Anyone who can be at the space then please do so. The following people have committed to be at the cleaning party:

  • Justin
  • Max
  • Bill
  • Diana (will be late)

Door People[edit]

We need at least two door people to take cover money and stamp hands. It'd be nice if we had an actual stamp this time. The following people can do door duty:

  • Justin
  • Alicia
  • Diana

Loaner Costumes[edit]

If nobody steps up to make crazy stuff, then we'll just fall back on the cheapest costumes at the drug store/discount store available. If you do want to volunteer to make some crazy loaner stuff, please add your name..