Graffiti Research Labs Laser Marker Implementation

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Some quick reference notes:

The laser from Z-bolt Beam of Light Technologies: The 6E plus Green Laser Wavelength - 532 nm Output Power - 4.8 ~ 5.0 mW Output Mode - Constant Wave

How to read a SED Curve, for the filter selection:

Filters under test: <-- First try: WORKS! either red or mauve brush.

The following gel was handed over to Raf to build a windmill since it's profile was heinously ineffective for my purposes:

Settings for the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000

ImageSettingsAdjustments.jpg SettingsCompression.jpg ColorSettingsQuickCam.jpg GeneralSettingsQuickCam.jpg SettingsSource.jpg

A 5mW class IIIa green laser pointer is scheduled to arrive at my house on Friday. Laser Graffiti Testing will commence at first dark after UPS rings my bell!

Tremendous thanks go to Bre for his video instructions with Michael Zeltner from Graffiti Research Labs Vienna, for his iSight and for his projector, but most particularly for his procurement of Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova2 for the space. It was the inaugural DDR workout that got this NYCR implementation of GRL (at) laser_marker thing rolling.

The back story here is that Graffiti Research Labs NY is tagging the Brooklyn Academy of Music, at BAM's request, on May 29 and May 31( GRL makes tools for urban artists and wants us to use them. What better time than now? What better location than across the street? IM IN UR GRAFITEE MAKIN UR DRIPS!

We got a proof of concept working last night after the meeting. Adam produced a bag of red lasers (!) when our green LED experiments got too frustrating, despite Skiff's steady hand with a 3 volt battery. There are a couple of open issues, even once we get it working at space:

  • How do we power it on the street?
  • Can we get/borrow/beg a more badass projector from somewhere?
  • WHAT WILL WE SAY?!?!?!

Safety Note: After a good bit of research on lasers, I opted to start with the no-chance-of-blinding-anyone <5mW green. Z-Bolt tests their <5mW lasers on receipt and offers those closest to 5mW at a premium. Apparently there's a wide variation in actual output of class IIIa green lasers. If, after some testing at NYCR, the class IIIa laser pointer doesn't work with the laser_marker code from GRL Vienna I'm going to progress through 20mW to 60mW (the GRL NY recommendation). I am a strict adherent to the rule "Safety Somewhere in the 1.5 to 2 Range". Safety First condemns you to a lifetime of comfortable shoes. Safety Third forces your friends to throw fund-raisers to pay for the rewiring of your jaw. Safety Somewhere in the 1.5 to 2.0 Range is a hard and fast compromise for me.

Links on Lasers:

  • Sky & Telescope Overview: [1]
  • Purchasing Recommendation: [2]
  • Laser Purchased: [3]
  • DO NOT FUCK AROUND WITH LASERS, Better known as Sam's Laser FAQ [4]