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Taro Sushi Consistently excellent sushi. Fast delivery. Must call to order, but they speak english. Worth it.

Hana Cafe Not very good sushi and Japanese food.

Izakaya on Smith Pretty good, slightly more traditional-style Japanese food.


Kinara Decent indian food. Offers a meal/appetizer special. Doesn't label anything. Good luck figuring out if you ordered the orange thing or the red thing.


Not Ray's The only place people order from for some reason. Used to be pretty crappy, but may have switched to a new recipe that is about 1000x better.


Luck Thai The best thai around!

Cafe Chili Pretty good thai food.

Hophap Had good experiences eating here. Won't deliver to our address, will deliver to across the street oddly.

Nahm Thai Good, defaults to spicy, better then Cafe Chili


New China Wok The chinese place on the corner of 5th and Bergen is actually pretty fantastic. Unfortunately it's halal so no pork, but other than that it's pretty good.


Pita Pan Gyros, shwarma, hummus, buffalo chicken wraps -- all your favorites from the Mediterranean. Lots of vegetarian options and salads and such as well. Tasty, and one of the healthier options.


Don't kid yourself, there is no good Mexican food in NYC.

Los Pollitos II Not good anymore, but not horrid.